Hashtags - Hate it or Love it!

So, a little bit of a touchy subject…with some people loving a good hashtag and others finding them…annoying AF! Regardless, they can be an awesome biz tool!

The stats are in with posts using at least one hashtag gaining 12.6% more engagement than those without! We are all for the #hashtags and personally at Dreamhunter when we want to find something we often find ourselves going straight to the tag search on instagram!

What do hashtags mean for businesses and where are they used?

More engagement, more followers and more customers/clients! A hashtag means to use words or phrases on social media posts that help to categorise together specific content on relevant topics. They aren’t just on instagram they can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

Building an effective hashtag strategy is one of the best ways to get your posts discovered by new audiences on social platforms.

Instagram is ahead of the ball and has already introduced a tracking tool on hashtags that allows you to find a full page of data for a particular post including hashtags stats! All you have to do is “View Insights” on your business profile. An awesome tool that has also come alive in Instagram is the ability to follow hashtags, meaning anyone using that hashtag will come up on your feed…this is basically a free marketing tool!

We can also utilise hashtags by not only adding them to posts but adding them to your instagram bio! This is a great space to put your main hashtag (business name) so that people begin to familiarise themselves and even use it when sharing your business.

Adding Instagram hashtags to your stories was introduced and what can we say…we love it! This is just another way to get content discovered!

Below is a list of the ways you can use hashtags:

  • Instagram posts

  • Instagram comments

  • Instagram bio

  • Instagram stories

  • Follow hashtags

  • Facebook posts

  • Other platforms; Twitter, Pinterest, Google+

How can you implement them…tell me how!!!!

When using hashtags on Instagram you can use anywhere between 1 and 30 hashtags. You then have the option to ad them into the comment section of your posts. A great example would be Dreamhunter. We may post a photo about social media and use the hashtags #socialmediatips #smallbusinesstips and #perthsmallbusiness. By using these three hashtags, the image is cataloged so other Instagram users who are in small business or interested in social media can easily find it.

The type of hashtags are important…see below:

Image from iOS (1).png
  1. Branded Hashtags

    This is the most important! This is the #hashtag that is unique to your business. It could be as simple as your business name or the name of one of your products or even the name you have given customers who buy your products/services. A great example is the wonderful JPorter Clothing who have two important hashtags #JPorter and #JPorterwolfpack.

  2. Community Hashtags

    These are the hashtags that connect likeminded users around a specific subject. These are the hashtags that don’t directly link to a business and can be much broader and less focused. A great example is using #perthsmallbuisness as a hashtag, which aims at connecting like-minded users around their love for small business.

  3. Campaign Hashtags

    These are the more short-term hashtags, lasting only a short few days or a season. These are the hashtags that are tied to specific campaigns, new product launches or partnerships. As a result, businesses will heavily promote a campaign hashtag to get as much activity as possible and then stop once the campaign has finished.

So now we understand how to use #hashtags, what is our strategy?

We suggest having 3 hashtags in your main post, these might be your business hashtag, a campaign hashtag and a more community based hashtag…#Dreamhunter #Dreamhubmeetup #perthsmallbusiness. We would then suggest adding the majority of your other hashtags into the comments section so that it does not make your main post look a little busy…#perthisok #perthevents #perthsmallbiz #grazingtable #dreamhub #events #perth #perthsmallbusinesses #socialmedia #branding #marketingtips #perthbossladies #perthgirlboss #perthwomensmallbusiness #socialmediamarketing as some examples!

We find the easiest way to save our hashtags is to save them in the notes section of our phone, although you can also get apps like Planoly and Later which have a place to store all your hashtags for different posts and campaigns. If you are stuck on which hashtags to use we suggest you look at what your competitors are doing or people in the same industry! There are also some apps like Hashtag generator that can help you determine a hashtag quick list!

We hope this has been helpful, we look forward to seeing those hashtags! :P

Dreamhunter Team x

Renae Porter