The Psychology of Colour


Colour is an essential tool in your marketing because it has an impact on how we think and behave. Colour directs our eye where to look, what to do, and how to interpret something. It puts your content into context and helps us decide what’s important and what’s not! As a business owner, you need to understand what colours mean to people.



  • A very powerful colour that reflects our physical needs whether to show affection and love, as well as passion, desire and love

  • Associated with energy, danger, strength power, determination

  • If you’re looking to get someone’s attention FAST and have a really powerful presence then red is your go-to colour!

What to watch out for:

Remember to use it sparingly to avoid the negative reactions it can easily awaken

Where you’ll find it:

Stop lights, Valentine’s Day and horror films.



  • Combines red’s power with yellow’s friendliness and fun

  • Orange is known to stimulate our appetite and known to be the colour of motivation, positive attitude and general enthusiasm

  • Orange is great for bringing comfort and creating a sense of fun or freedom

Where you’ll find it:

Fruits, sporting events and board games.



  • Yellow is joy, happiness, cheerfulness and optimism! Anything happy is almost always yellow!

  • It produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity and generates muscle energy

  • Bright yellow is an attention getter - think taxis!

  • Use yellow to lift someone’s spirits, increase confidence, or provide inspiration

What to watch out for:

Using too much yellow can cause self-esteem issues, fear or anxiety - so use the right balance!

Where you’ll find it:

Traffic crossings and signs, smiley faces and window displays.



  • Green is a colour of balance and harmony, it provides us with a clearer sense of right from wrong

  • It is one of the most seen colours in nature reflecting life, rest and peace

  • It is also a sign of growth - whether that’s in a physical object like plants or in our income and wealth

  • If you’re looking to portray health, rest, or to relieve stress - green is your colour!

Where you’ll find it:

Nature, economic exchange and health food stores



  • Blue is known for its trust and dependability, it’s reliable, responsible and mentally soothing

  • Blue lends a more mental reaction rather than physical that allows us to destress, calm down, and think of the most ideal situation

  • Overall, blue is a well-liked colour that can bring a sense of calmness and trust when building relationships, especially in marketing!

What to watch out for:

In great amounts, blue can also be perceived as distant, cold or unfriendly

Where you’ll find it:

Gyms, hospitals and spas.



  • Most commonly known for its imagination and spirituality

  • It possesses the energy and power of red, with the stability and reliability of blue - making it the perfect balance between the physical and spiritual

  • Purple is often used to show luxury, loyalty, courage, mystery and magic

  • It soothes, but also presents space for mystery and new ideas

Where you’ll find it:

Magic shows, fairy tales and luxury products.



  • Across the world, gold consistently represents variations of charm, confidence, luxury and treasure

  • It can also have an element of friendliness, abundance and prosperity that is naturally attractive

What to watch out for:

Too much gold can seem egotistical, proud and self-righteous - try to use gold more sparingly to highlight rather than be the main attraction

Where you’ll find it:

Luxury products, rings and trophies.



  • Black is a colour of sophistication, seriousness, control and independence

  • It can also be used to show evil, mystery, depression and even death

  • Black is a great colour for high contrast and easy legibility

What to watch out for:

Too much black can cause sadness and overall negativity so use it sparingly and in your TEXT, more than the visuals itself

Where you’ll find it:

Professional attire, luxury products and limos.



  • White is a colour that is complete and pure, making it a perfect example of purity, innocence, cleanliness, and peace

  • It can also represent new beginnings, providing a blank slate, and gives refreshment for new ideas

What to watch out for:

Avoid using too much white as it can cause isolation, loneliness and emptiness

Where you’ll find it:

Weddings, website backgrounds and medical waiting rooms.


Dreamhunter Team x

Renae Porter