Gen Z on Social Media

The first true digital natives. How do we target and use them?


Generation Z are all of those born after December 1996, they are the digital natives who have grown up with iPads in their prams playing Paw Patrol! The internet is not a foreign concept to the digital natives, who only know the world of smartphones and 24/7 connection. Digital is across all areas of their life including education, fitness and recreation - everything has a digital element!

Targeting the digital natives across your marketing strategy can be difficult, because despite the fact they are constantly switched on, they can identify (straight away) an authentic presence on social media. There is a lot of fake life being shared on social media and now, more so than ever, people are appreciating a more raw view into someone’s life or brand - something THEY can relate too!

What does this mean for you? Be yourself! If you really want to target the digital natives you need to stop trying and just provide genuine content that offers value to that target market. Think about what this demographic are interested in, check out what accounts they follow and experiment with different types of content until you see what makes them engage.


What you need to know about Gen Z:


They want you to get personal

These digital natives know brands have more access to customer data, so in exchange they expect highly personalised interactions - bland and generalised messages will not work!


They’re protective of their privacy

You need to make sure you connect with them on their own terms so you don’t come across as salesy or too invasive.


They give feedback

Almost half of Gen Z shoppers say that they give feedback often or very often! They’re reviewing online, so brands with strong social listening strategies will carry more follower favour.


They use different networks for each stage of their shopping journey

This is an important one! Market research has shown that 85% of Gen Z learns about new products and services on social media and are also 59% more likely than older generations to connect with brands on social channels too!

Instagram is the most popular app for brand discovery, followed by Facebook. Understanding how teens use social media throughout their shopping process is the key to engaging them on the right platforms with the right message!


They’re OK with more ads on social

Digital natives have developed a high tolerance for digital ads, with only 11% of teens thinking there are too many ads on social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. The catch: Gen Z tends to have way shorter attention spans. You have about eight seconds to capture their attention before they keep scrolling - so deliver your impact FAST!


They trust social influencers as much as mainstream celebrities

Celebrity endorsements are meaningful to teens but they lose their power if they don’t seem genuine or authentic. While actors, athletes and musicians may bring star power to ads, there’s a new type of celebrity in town - social influencers! Depending on the product or service, social influencers can hold more sway with Gen Z than more traditional celebrities.


They’re the most culturally and socially diverse generation

For the most part, Gen Z welcomes diversity with open arms and expects brands and businesses’ to do the same. It’s not always easy to get it right, and this socially active group will be quick to let you know if you’ve got it wrong!


So, now you understand a little more about Gen Z and the best ways to target them. Ask yourself where they’ll be searching for a product or service that you offer, how they interact with brands, who they listen to online and start targeting them through these channels!

Dreamhunter Team x


Renae Porter