Get Started With Live Video!


Live streaming and video is one of the latest trends, and with it easily at your disposal on your socials, it’s something you should definitely consider utilising! Live streaming adds authenticity to your brand and creates a real-time delivery of value with guaranteed reach. One problem: live video is scary - we get it! It can be super intimidating, especially if your not used to being in front of the camera BUT we have good news: you don’t need to be an award-winning actor to make a great live video happen!

Here’s some tips to prepare you for your first live video…


Plan your Event

If you have everything planned out, you won’t be flustered or scared. This will make you more confident!

What can you use live video for?

  • live stream of an event you’re either hosting or attending

  • customer support and discussion - this type of informal stream can work wonders at building connections with your audience!

  • Interviews and guest features - these are great because viewers can ask questions in real time, which provides a unique form of interaction

  • Product announcements - helps customers to stay in the know


Consider your Audience

A live video event is all about your viewers, so consider them before anything else! To appeal to YOUR viewers, your live video needs to have the following:

  • A promise of value - your viewers should know right from the start what they’re going to be getting out of the live video, whether that’s the latest information on your new products and services or a behind the scenes early preview of the super cool event your hosting!

  • A reason to keep watching until the end - nobody will stick around if it’s boring, there has to be something that’s captivating the audience’s attention the whole way through. Try to create some sort of tension that will keep your viewers wanting more (and more!).  

  • Interaction with viewers - much of the appeal of a live video is that your viewers are given the opportunity to feel like they’re part of the live event. It’s important to take the time to recognise people entering the live stream and to read out and respond to any questions asked, they create great two-way conversation!


Which platform to go live on?

Go where your audience hangs out! If your audience is younger, this will probably be Instagram. If your audience is highly active on Facebook, then use that!


Prepare and Practice!!

Plan out a rough script for your live video, so you know all the things you want to discuss (and don’t forget on the spot!). If you have props you want to show during you video, then jot down when you’re going to use them. On your draft outline for the video note down a couple of spots where you’ll stop to read through any comments or questions happening on the video. It doesn’t hurt to be extra prepared for your first live! Having these things laid out leaves less room for error and can calm your nerves, especially when you’re just getting started! It only gets easier.


Implementing live videos into your current marketing plan is a great way to make your customers a part of your brand. If you can overcome your fear of the camera, you’ll have a powerful tool at your disposal that allows you to create a one of kind connection between you and your viewers.

So, when are we tuning into your first live video?

Dreamhunter Team x

Renae Porter