Set Yourself Up For a Great Start to the New Financial Year


(1) Have clear goals and actions

Setting goals for the year will sharpen your focus and deliver better results.

Take the time to set some goals that are specific, measurable, achievable and realistic.

You should set goals for 3, 6 and 12 months.

Each goal should include a set of action items that will be necessary in order to reach the goal.

By setting out exactly how you will smash your goals, you’re much more likely to get there!


(2) Review your customers

Reflect back on the last year, did you attract the right customers to your business?

Were these customers a good match for your product or service? Consider reassessing your customer avatars, who are the most profitable? The best to deal with? The most frequent?

By being clear on which customers are best for your business, you can take steps to focusing on attracting more of them in the coming year!


(3) Book a holiday

To get through the year ahead and keep you at your best, book a week away NOW so you guarantee you’ll get a break!! It can provide the extra motivation right from the start of the year, as well as allowing you to plan in advance around this time off.


(4) Clean out your inbox

Let’s start the new financial year with a clean slate...and a clean inbox!

Make the effort to sort out, delete, action or archive your emails. It may seem tedious but you’ll feel better once it’s done, we promise!


(5) Identify your highlights and lowlights

It’s the perfect time to review your business and identify three things that worked well and three things you could improve on. Document your answers and refer to them regularly to stay on track. This will help you to keep moving forward and make positive changes and improvements throughout the new year.


Dreamhunter Team x

Renae Porter