Benefits of Mindfulness for your Small Biz!

We've been talking about ways you can implement mindfulness in your work and daily life but what benefits can you expect from these practices? Well, read on to hear about five potential benefits of practicing MINDFULNESS.

1. It can help you and your team to prioritise better. Not every task has the same level of importance and our 'to-do' list is constantly growing it can be hard to to find a starting point. This is where being able to decipher what's most important can be a critically important skill!

2. Practicing mindfulness can actually boost your working memory. Research has shown an increase in working memory among participants in an eight week mindfulness training course. What does this mean exactly? Well, in your business this can translate to PRODUCTIVITY - through better recall of information and training relevant to work, for both you and your employees!

3. Reduce those high stress levels!! I think we speak for a number of small business owners here, when we say that running a business can be a significant source of stress in our lives at times. High levels of stress can lead to serious health issues, especially over the long-term, but practicing mindfulness can help you to reduce anxiety and develop emotion regulation strategies to better handle those difficult situations (when you really want to hide in the corner and not come out). Yes please! Sign me up.

4. Improve your focus! Distractions are everywhere... before you know it a whole day has passed before you've even had a chance to open the document you wanted to review. Mindfulness practice can help you to improve focus, and in doing so allows you to make the most out of your time! Studies have found that experiences meditators performed better on all measures of attention, and had higher self-reported mindfulness, than those with no meditation experience.

5. It can be a great team-building activity! Whether you invite an instructor in to lead a yoga, tai chi or meditation class; or you find somewhere close by to attend together; your team can apply what they learn to handling challenges at work, being more focused and taking time to be present! Don’t have a team? Come check out our fortnightly yoga on a Monday at Dreamhunter HQ!

So these benefits sound great, but how can we practice it?

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  • Yoga
  • Daily meditation
  • Connecting with nature (getting outside, taking your shoes off and earthing)
  • Listening to music, in a quiet place where you can be by yourself
  • Practising breathing techniques
  • Essential oils
  • Taking the time to reflect on your week/day
  • Setting short term and long term goals 
  • Reading a book
  • Journalling

Give it a try and let us know how you go!

Dreamhunter Team x




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