Being MINDFUL with social media



Staying Grounded in an Increasingly Social World.

Social media can be really valuable, everything is accessible with a click, flick and swipe BUT the 'always available, always connected' lifestyle can be pretty rough sometimes!

Customers and clients have begun to demand faster connection with brands and brand owners, people expect instant replies, immediate reactions and rapid response. This can lead to fatigue, disgruntled connections with friends and family and a distaste for what you once had so much passion for!

Here are some tips and reminders for things to do when trying to regain your social media sanity!

Regulate Tech Use

Leave the screens behind for just a few hours a day and you'll find your attention span increases, your creativity soars and your memory and focus improve! You'll be more present in the moment and communicate better.

How to do it?

  • Whether you’re out to breakfast, driving home or at the park with your kids - leave your phone in your bag, or another room whenever you can! This is especially important when you’re spending time with friends and family - try and be present and appreciate the moment. Whatever is happening online can wait - it REALLY CAN!
  • A walk in the morning or evening can be great for stress relief and an effective way to clear your mind - try leaving your phone at home to minimise distraction or temptation to check your notifications.
  • Our phones have EVERY FUNCTION these days - we use them for pretty much every task. If you need your phone for music or maybe to listen to an audiobook or podcast, but still want the opportunity to ‘switch off’ then try putting your phone on Airplane Mode for the period of time you’re taking a break. This will stop any notifications, messages or phone calls to give you some mental space.

What about work?

When your work demands access to social media use, use these tips to give your mind and body the opportunity to switch off.

Schedule and budget your social media hours.

Break down the time needed to engage with your followers and get yourself off the platforms outside of this time.

The time you need to spend engaging on Instagram can depend on where your business is at. We generally recommend getting on there for at least 30 minutes a day, liking and commenting on posts outside of accounts you follow, at a time when your followers are online. If your posting, it’s a good idea to be online and engaging for half an hour after you post to respond to any comments or messages that the post may generate.

Plan and write your content ahead of time - and even schedule it!

This way your know the content is being shared without you having to jump on at specific times to upload it. When scheduling, make sure you are keeping up with any conversations generated from your post.

Facebook Scheduling
If you have ongoing content to post on your Facebook page, the inbuilt scheduling system can be super handy! Facebook Pages Manager allows you to draft your entire post and then schedule it to be posted on a specific day and time without you having to touch it again. By planning your Facebook posts using scheduling, it will allow you to free up time to spend engaging on Instagram without you disappearing into the online world for hours at a time!

Planoly for Instagram
This is a fantastic app we recommend for planning and scheduling your Instagram posts! The app allows you to visually see how your Instagram feed will look as well as schedule your Instagram posts days, weeks or months in advance (if you’re ready to be THAT organised!). Planoly has a heap of cool features that could really work for you and your business - it can help to generate hashtags, plan your instagram stories and lets you add team members to help you.

Manual Planning
Another option is to manually plan your content calendar. This can be achieved using a spreadsheet system set out week by week for the month. The spreadsheet can include space for the physical photo or quote you are planning to post, along with the written out caption and hashtags all ready to go when the time comes. Manual planning still requires you to take the time to post your content but it saves a lot of time by having the captions and hashtags already to go!

Instagram Drafting
You may have noticed that you can now draft Instagram posts and save them to post later. To draft a post for Instagram select and edit your photo, write the caption, add tags and geotags and then click the back buttons - it will give you the option to ‘Discard’ or ‘Save Draft’. Your saved drafts will appear at the top when you go to post. Instagram does not yet allow you to schedule your saved posts, so you will still have to pop on there and click through to post your content (and add your hashtags in the first comment).
We recommend having your hashtags written out in the Notes section of your phone, so that you can easily copy and paste them onto your post.

Analyse your performance to maximise your impact (and minimise your time commitment).

Figure out what content generates the most engagement from your followers and do these sort of posts more often!

Checking your analytics is important to make sure you post on your most engaged days and times to get the most out of your posts. Even if they don’t like your post, knowing that they have seen your post will add value to your account as more people will have seen it.

What to look for?


The number of times a post from your page is displayed, whether the post is clicked or not. People may see multiple impressions of the same post. For example, someone might see a page update in the News Feed once, and then a second time if a friend shares it. If the same person sees the same content two different times, that would equal two impressions.


The number of unique people (different accounts)  who received impressions of a page post. Otherwise known as number of different accounts that see your post!

Reach might be less than impressions since one person can see multiple impressions. If the same person sees the same content two different times, the reach would remain at one. Reach is important because it gives you the exact number of people that viewed your content.

Confusing Impressions and Reach is easy to do. Just remember this. Impressions is the total number of times that your content is displayed in the news feed of anyone, any number of times on Instagram. Reach is the total number of people that saw that content.

STOP the mindless scrolling.

We are all guilty of this, mindlessly refreshing and scrolling facebook and instagram - it's often a great form of procrastination here at Dreamhunter! We use the excuse 'but I'm WORKING' - when in reality we are just wasting time that could be used for direct connection with existing clients. Visit social media with PURPOSE - have a goal in mind for the time you are going to spend there.


  • I am going to connect with 5 new people today
  • I am going to reconnect with 3 clients I haven't spoken to for a while
  • I am going to send a positive message to someone I admire
  • I am going to save 5 posts that I love



Social media is a great tool - but not the ONLY tool for your business. Use it as a tool for connection with your audience but use it wisely and with purpose...measure the results...and remember to UNPLUG every now and then if you feel you need it!

x Dreamhunter Team

Renae Porter