remaining unique in an online world...


we cannot become what we want by remaining who we are

With small businesses popping up everywhere, it can be hard to stand out…or remain unique. We don’t think it’s necessarily about standing out from your competitors but more so having a point of difference whether it be your quirky branding or your customer service, having something that makes you unique is important.

According to ASIC in December 2017 there were 2,551,778 registered businesses in Australia alone…with 232,058 registered in WA. This brings us back to our point…being unique has never been more important and it is something that cannot be forced, it must be authentic. After-all your uniqueness has taken you places and made you who you are. Others may share a similar business to you or perhaps the same talents but no two businesses are the same and that is because of the business owner…YOU!

Take Control Freak as an example! Control Freak was made when 2 designers came together to create the ultimate diary/planner for small business. What makes them unique is the consistency in their language. Anyone who buys one of their epic diaries is now known as a freak and their use of cheeky words and quirky humour is planted throughout their branding with as they would put it with a “Zero F!*KS given” mindset. There diaries work on subscription, every three months because really, who can handle 12 months of ONE diary!


Another awesome example is Moo (a printing company in the UK), not only are they easily accessible in Australia but they are literally available 24/7! Some would say Moo is in one of the least interesting businesses…paper. BUT Moo chooses to speak with images instead of words, with the use of quirky cues throughout their pictures and videos that allows the viewer to piece together narratives. See an example below:

Moo also has an awesome blog with a bunch of tips on marketing and business (pretty cool for just a ‘paper’ company)

So, what are our tips?

Don’t conform to the norm! Just like Moo and The Control Freak, use language that is out of the box!

Narrow down your target market - this way you can target your advertising around a smaller group…instead of trying to please everyone! Look at your current customers, what common elements do they have? study them, become familiar with what they like and what they don’t like.

Focus on customer service - create an experience your customer, make it personal! Hey have a coffee with your customer…they will love it! Treat them like they are the only customer you have!

I n n o v a t i o n - improve your customer process, if your product or service is common…make the way you deliver them different…better!

Values - base your business on your OWN values, not what others are doing.

Branding - be consistent with your branding, all of the most successful businesses in the world have at least one thing in common - and that is a strong BRAND.

They have strong messaging, clear purpose and they are clever at evoking emotion. If you are stuck on this…then our branding workshop is for you….

We hope this has give you some new ideas that you can bring into the new year!

Dreamhunter Team x

Renae Porter