Gift Your Customers for Christmas


The competition for Christmas shopping dollars is fierce! As small businesses’ we really have to go the extra mile to increase Christmas sales. Whether a potential customers is dropping by your physical store or visiting online, the question is always the same; “Why should I buy here instead of somewhere else?”

The answer depends a great deal on how you treat them. To lock in your Christmas purchases, you need to make the Christmas shopping experience special! Good customer service (of course) is one way to achieve this. Another thing you can do is gift your customers, as a reward for choosing you!

Here are some ideas for gifting your customers this Christmas…

Free Christmas Gift Wrapping

The weeks leading up to Christmas are a hectic period for many people (especially those of us who leave our present shopping to the last minute!). Save time for your customers by offering to wrap their chosen gifts for free. A little special touch that may not cost you much to do but will make your products more desirable for the busy Christmas consumer.

ISHK GIFT BOX-5837.jpg

Create a Christmas Special

Whether you bring out a new product or service just in time for Christmas, or create a bundle that forms the perfect gift idea for those busy Christmas shoppers - this sort of offer takes out the thinking and guessing work for your potential customers and ultimately creates an easy purchase decision! We love what ISHK has created this year!

Provide Free Shipping or Delivery

This will leave more money in customers’ pockets when they buy your products, and at this time of year, they’ll love it! As a small business, you’ll have to work out whether this is affordable. The best idea may be to offer free shipping or delivery on orders totalling over a certain dollar amount.

Christmas Gifts

Implement a potential gift or reward for every purchase made with your products or services. An idea for this would be to offer each purchasing customer a raffle ticket towards a particular product, service or voucher towards what you offer. This is a fun way for your customers to have the opportunity to receive something special, even if they are buying gifts for others!

These are just a few ideas to think about. We’d love to hear about what you come up with this Christmas! By giving to your customers, you’re also giving your business the chance to increase sales this festive season.

Dreamhunter Team x

Renae Porter