Brunch n Blooms with Dreamhunter


On Saturday October 6th, 25 ladies came together for a morning of brunch n blooms with Dreamhunter. An intimate group setting at Little Orchard Co. We shared wonderful stories, triumphs, absolute wtf moments and of course champagne in the AM.

This day was more than just women getting together for beautiful views and wholesome food, it was about community. Perth small business is blooming (excuse the pun) and we wanted to celebrate this, support this and leave with a little more love and appreciation for all the kick ass women in Perth.

After being asked many times, Renae shared her story of small business so far, hosting an open forum conversation, all based around the topic of ‘FOLLOWING YOUR OWN PATH’ - the path less traveled.

A quick re-cap from RP - The Brunch and Blooms event was something that I was really nervous about - not because of the public speaking part (I could do that all day, any day with 5 mins notice haha), but because of the subject matter - ME. MY STORY. It feels a little self indulgent to stand in front of a ‘room’ and talk about yourself, and took me a little while to feel ok with standing up and telling my business story so far - without feeling like I was tooting my own horn!! My story is actually pretty funny, the way I got from A to B has some weird moments, and I forget about those often - until someone asks me to recall a story or a moment from my early business journey. It felt good to share that.

I am just a ‘normal person’, different obviosuly (and proudly so) but no more special or significant than anyone else in this world, I simply choose to walk a path less travelled and hunt my dreams every single day - and I realised that, that is a story worth sharing - especially if it encourages someone else to do the same, or reminds someone else that they are doing the best thing for THEM!

Every event and workshop we do at Dreamhunter is about building community. Our goal is to bring people who possibly wouldn’t be in the same room - TOGETHER! Our goal is to share stories between people about small business - to create a safe place for entrepreneurs (or small biz passionates) to go where they will be understood, encouraged and challenged. I am seriously passionate about small business, I LOVE IT, and being surrounded by small business owners honestly just lights up my life.

A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone that was part of this event, from the incredible business women who attended, to the amazing friends of Dreamhunter who contributed to our gift bags, and to my personal friends and family who helped set up and make this event happen! We will plan another one next year ok!!

x RP

We also had some pretty awesome businesses donate to our seriously epic goodie bags…


Dreamhunter @dreamhunter.hub
Little Orchard Co. @littleorchardco_
New Moon Co. @newmoonco
JPorter @jporterclothing
The Farlands @farlands_
Laced with Kindness @lacedwithkindness
Ishk Jewels @ishkjewels
Recoveri @recoveri_perth
The Colour Beige @thecolourbeige
TerrAIRium wa @terrairiumwa
Roar Mode @roarmode_
Inner Ego Juices @inner_ego
Hey Control Freak @heycontrolfreak
Chilli Interior Design @chilliinteriordesign
Cntre Space @cntrespace
Malika Warda
When Cara Met Rex @whencarametrex
Indulge Hair Lounge @indulge_hairlounge
Don Swim @don.swim
Cocoa and Spice @cocoaandspice_
Jire @jirejewellery

Not only did we have Renae tell us her story, we asked the ladies to share some of their experiences in small business. From dinosaur earrings, eyelash extensions, fine jewellery to swimwear we had women with all kinds of businesses share, discover and relate.

When we consider just how many small businesses surround us in our everyday lives, it is impressive to think about the amount of time, commitment and labour these business owners invest to make their businesses both come to life and mort importantly THRIVE. There are hundreds of reasons to support small business, especially leading up to Christmas! When you buy small, you are purchasing a one of a kind treasure created with passion and love. You are literally creating a smile and a happy dance from the business owner, someone who will remember you by name and appreciate the support you have given them. What was beautiful about this event, is the support these ladies offered each other even though they may be in the same industry or considered as “competition”. We are all in this together, there is room for all of us and we are so proud of the Perth small business community for being so damn cool.

Check out some of the awesome photos from the day…

BrunchBlooms-076 (1).jpg

Huge thank you to Amelia Kate Photography for these gorgeous snaps!

Renae Porter