Have you started thinking about 2018?

I know, that seems like a really crazy question...most of you are probably thinking 'just let me get through Christmas first'!
BUT, the first step to a REALLY successful new year is PLANNING.

When I plan my year, I plan in 6 month blocks. And I DO NOT do it alone! It got me thinking...I would love to be able to do this with other small businesses!

SO, I am really excited to invite you to join me (and our team) in a full day planning and strategy workshop so we can plan what the first 6 months of 2018 together.

These are small group sessions - so it'll be you, me and 5 other passionate business owners workshopping our way through together in a structured, fun and energetic way.

This would be best suited businesses that have been going for a little while...or even a business that is WELL into the planning phase of launching a new business in 2018!
(not suitable for startup business ideas).

There are two sessions (so just 12 spots available for 2017)

MONDAY 27th November 2017
9am - 4pm (includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)

SATURDAY 9th December 2017
9am - 4pm

$300 per person (non refundable)
Includes snacks, lunch and drinks for the day, plus a workbook and take home templates.

What does the day look like? Well let's allow our astronaut friend to tell you....

step one

Discovery + Dreaming

step two

Non-negotiables for the new year

step three

Review the year so far

step four

Let's talk money

step five

What does the next 6 months ACTUALLY look like?

step six


step 7



At every stage we will be here to guide, throw around ideas, assist with strategies, plus marketing tips and tricks and any variety of question that comes up. Head into the new year with the right priorities and approach!

book one of the 12 spots now!

note: there are only two sessions available for this year. So DON'T miss out!