[ an aurora is the result of charged particles colliding, creating bright lights in the sky.]

This package is made for businesses at any stage (start-up/rebrand/growth mode) We start with a discovery session to learn more about your business, your brand and your goals. We then set a specific goal that you want to reach. We also do fortnightly check in over phone/video call.

Some examples:

  • Increase sales
  • Build brand awareness
  • Education
  • Grow market share in your industry
  • Launch new products or services
  • Target new customers or markets
  • Enhance customer relationships

Based on your personal objective we will work with you on creating a strategy that may include the below:

  • Email marketing strategy

  • Print marketing strategy

  • Website strategy/landing page strategy

  • Social media

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Events and PR

6 weeks
from $1000
payable monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

Social Constellation

An easily recognised group of stars that appear to be located close together in the sky and that form a picture -- if lines connecting them are imagined]

This package is specifically focused on your social media strategy.

We start with a 3 hour discovery session, with a special focus on your current social media - plus your goals and objectives for the next 3 months. We assess your brand, audit your channels/platforms and define your points of difference and target market in your particular industry.

Using research, the above details, and your specific information and analytics we will help you to create a 6/8 week social media plan, with a fortnightly check in over phone/video call.

from $1500
Payable upfront or on a fortnightly/monthly basis.


[A supernova is the explosion of a star -- the largest explosion that takes place in space.]

This is our biggest and brightest marketing package.

This package would suit a brand new business, or a business that is relaunching (or even those that just want to elevate and explode).

It suits a business owner that is not afraid to invest in themselves and their business to assist in really exploding towards new heights.

We start with a 3 hour discovery session, a 2 hour product/service/editorial photoshoot (with a photoshoot plan/strategy session first). We work with you on your business as a whole and develop a multi channel marketing strategy that is specific to your industry, your brand and your available resources.

You will have weekly 30/45 min checkins with the Creative Astronauts here at Dreamhunter and unlimited email contact with our team.

So what do we focus on?

1. Business Health - what is working, what needs developing and what do we need to simply get rid of?

2. Branding - brand values, brand vision, points of difference and your perfect customer, we help you to develop long term goals for not only your visual strategy, but your brand perception as a whole.

3. Culture - how does your business FEEL? To you, your customers, clients, suppliers and the general public?

4. Sales Channels - What are they? Are there new ones?!

5. Marketing Plan - the main part - we help to develop a strategy specifically for you and your business goals.

6. Review - At the start and finish of each 12 week 'project' we review what has happened - and then to help you to understand what it all means.


  • Business health check
  • Defining your core values and your point of difference 
  • Defining your target market and discussing avatars that exist in your target market
  • Looking at your current business (or brand new idea) and determine what is working and what isn't up to scratch
  • A review of your social media, website and branding (an outside view)
  • Brainstorm new ideas and make plans for upcoming projects and focus areas
  • SWOT Analysis
  • COMPETITOR Analysis
  • Marketing Budget Suggestions
  • Custom Facebook Audiences
  • Brand Language and calls to action
  • Email marketing strategy 
  • Print marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Website strategy/Landing strategy
  • Weekly checkins
  • Unlimited email contact 
  • 10% discount on other Dreamhunter services (not including workshops, meetups or events)

12 week program
Cost from $3,600
(payable weekly or monthly if required)

Social Media Management can also be added on to this package - starting from $30 per day.