Guests and Visitors

Cowork members are welcome to bring a guest into Number Fifty. If you are planning to meet for more than 60 minutes and additional desk will need to be booked. Please of the noise levels for other coworkers. If you have more than once desk, there are a number of great cafes nearby that we recommend for the time you require your meeting!

Please note that this environment is not suitable for children.

Meetings + Functions

At the moment we do not have the space for private meetings or events, however we anticipate this changing over the next 12 months. If you have an intimate event after hours, please just ask and we can assess case by case.

Number Fifty can be booked for workshops and small functions after 5pm and on weekends pending content, space availability and size.


Number Fifty is a co-working space and we offer a vibrant and dynamic working environment that everyone should be free to enjoy and make the most of. Number Fifty is to be used in a respectful way and as such we have put together some guidelines of how to best use Number Fifty.

Our values:


Please be respectful, kind and courteous to all of the people that visit the space. This includes the owners, co workers, staff, couriers, cleaners, visitors and customers. Offensive language, threatening behaviour, abuse of Management, Staff or Members, damage to Number Fifty Property or that of another Member, will not be tolerated. 

Number Fifty Management reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel a persons’ membership, or ask them to leave their workstation due to inappropriate behaviour, language or damage to property.

Membership to Number Fifty entitles you to the use of your allocated workstation and facilities, but does not give you exclusive rights to all areas of Number Fifty. The garden, lounge area, kitchen. bathroom and printshop are available for use. Other areas are exclusive to Number Fifty Management and Staff.

Please respect other people’s privacy and do not touch their belongings, or workstation without permission.

Number Fifty Management reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel a persons’ membership due to inappropriate behaviour, language or damage to property.

Membership to Number Fifty entitles you to the use of your allocated workstation and facilities, but does not give you exclusive rights to all areas of Number Fifty.

We encourage you to engage with other Members using Number Fifty, but ask that you work within your designated workspace and respect the personal and workspaces of other Members. 

We may have some Members or Guests at times that have a high profile within our community; please respect that these people are also just trying to get work done and just like you are using Number Fifty as a safe and secure place to do so.

All Number Fifty Members have the right to deny photos being taken of them, or  where they are featured and permission will always be obtained prior to any photographs or social media posts.



Confidential information is information relating to a Member’s business, employees, products and business processes. Confidential information given to Number Fifty Management, Staff or given to you by Management, will remain confidential and secure for the sole purpose of conducting business within Number Fifty.

Members are responsible for ensuring that all confidential information and that of their employees and/or clients remain secure within their own business/ company Policies and Procedures. Number Fifty will not be liable for any unauthorised disclosure of your confidential information.

Co-working is reliant on trust and as Number Fifty has an open plan floor layout; Members at times may see or overhear sensitive conversations or see documents of a confidential nature. We ask that you respect this and agree not to seek or obtain financial or commercial benefit from such information or knowledge from other Members of Number Fifty in any circumstance.

It is a Member’s responsibility to ensure that matters of a confidential or sensitive nature are handled in an appropriate manner. Telephone calls of this nature should be taken outside of the Number Fifty office.



Keeping Number Fifty tidy and safe is everyone’s responsibility.

Members are responsible for:

  • Keeping your workspace clean and tidy

  • Removing all belongings from hot-desking spots at the end of your day 

  • Marking any food you place in the fridge and ensure that you clear it out at the end of your day/week

  • Cleaning up spillages that you make in the kitchen, fridge or microwave

  • Washing up and putting away any dishes that are used, including any catering that may have been brought in for a meeting.

  • Wiping down your desk at the end of each day

Number Fifty is responsible for;

  • Keeping all common areas clean and tidy;

  • Weekly cleaning of all common areas

  • Weekly removal of all rubbish from premises; and

  • Fridge will be emptied each Saturday and unmarked items will be disposed of. 

  • Number Fifty will not incur any costs associated with replacing food that is not marked.


We are space made for dreaming, so if you hear a cool idea (not ‘overhear…’) then encourage that person. Make yourself available for chats around the microwave, a quick coffee or lunch break outside in the sun so you can bounce ideas.


At Number Fifty we are powered by Telstra Wifi (NBN). A secure connection is provided as part of your membership whilst you are working from the space. We ask that you keep your internet usage to ‘business’ (ie: binge-watching netflix is for home...not here!)

We will notify you of any internet service disruptions or upgrades that are required in advance. No monetary compensation or reimbursement of fees will be made to Members, Non-Members or Guests of Number Fifty in the event that the internet is disconnected or disrupted due to events or circumstances outside of our control.

Excessive use of downloads/uploads or any illegal activities using the internet will result in your access being cancelled. Our service provides unlimited download/upload, however transferring files of a significant size may slow down the speed for other users, which can cause particular issues if people are broadcasting live webinars, podcasts or the like. As such we request that you withhold any significantly large file transfers to out-of-hours (and double-check that no members are broadcasting at the time.)

Number Fifty is not responsible for any internet security breaches, hacking or scamming, that you, your employees and/or clients may become victims to whilst working at Number Fifty. Number Fifty is not responsible for conducting or providing Members, Non-Members or Guests with computer backup or storage of information on the Number Fifty server. Number Fifty highly recommends that all members take reasonable security measures to protect their computers and information within.


Any property that is bought into Number Fifty must be maintained and in good condition. If you are bring your own electrical equipment (powerboards, heaters etc, they must be tagged and tested regularly). It is the Members responsibility to ensure that Your Property is fit for purpose and is used in a safe manner for which it was intended. In particular any electronic equipment, such as laptops, are in good working order and not likely to cause damage.

Number Fifty takes no responsibility for any of your property that is left, lost, stolen or damaged whilst unattended or not secured.



Number Fifty has Contents and Public Liability Insurance to cover the property belonging to Number Fifty. This insurance does not extend to the Property of Members, Non-Members or Guests. We strongly recommend that you ensure your equipment such as your laptop and mobile phone are covered under your own personal insurance.

Members are liable for and agree to indemnify Number Fifty for any damage caused to Our Property or for any claim brought against us, for malicious damage, malfunctioning or incorrectly used equipment brought into Number Fifty by Members, Non-Members or Guests / Visitors.

Number Fifty Management will take all reasonable measures to ensure that Number Fifty is a safe and healthy work environment. Members, Non-Members and Guests are responsible for your own safety whilst in Number Fifty. This includes use of Our Property and Your Property for the purpose that it is intended for and undertaken with reasonable care.

Number Fifty will provide instructions for usage of Our Property and equipment that is jointly used and provided for Members, Non-Members and Guests to use whilst on the premises.



Some people are louder than others, we know this (and you know if you are loud person or not…). We do ask Members, Non-Members and Guests to be mindful of this when making calls or speaking with other Members, Non-Members and Guests, as this can be disruptive to those around you.

Please place your phone volume to low or on silent whilst working from Number Fifty. If you receive or wish to make a phone call that will require you to speak animatedly or at length, this is a great chance to stretch your legs, enjoy some fresh air outside the space.

We highly recommend a program called SLACK if you wish to communicate with others in the office space. We can assist you with setting this up at your first booking.

If you are working on something that requires focus and you don’t want to be distracted or disturbed, we recommend bringing headphones (noise cancelling if possible). We also have a system where you can notify someone that you wish to remain uninterrupted.

If you focus better with music on, we ask that you use a set of headphones. We will provide background music for the office, but we understand and appreciate that not everyone has the same taste in music or may prefer no music at all in their headphones.



Members and Non-Members will be able to use the Document Station that is located within Number Fifty. Members are entitled to print up to 10 x A4 black and white pages (double sided) free of charge on each occasion that they are booked into Number Fifty. 

In the event that you print more than the 10 allocated pages or print in colour or A5 or A3 black and white, Member’s rates will be applied. Printing rates are advertised on Number Fifty website as well as at the Document Station itself. Any additional printing charges will be invoiced out in arrears.

When you become a Member of Number Fifty, you can choose to have your laptop linked to to Number Fifty’s printer, so you can print directly from your laptop to the printer. We will discuss this with you on your commencement with Number Fifty and set up an appointment time to install the printer drivers. 

A Number Fifty staff member will require access to your computer to complete this process for approximately 30 mins. You will then be allocated a four digital number as your code to access the printer and given an overview of how to use the printer for printing and scanning.



If you are a membership holder at Number Fifty you can utlise our PO Box and street address for deliveries and mail. This is not available to hot desk or casual users.  Any mail that is delivered to Number Fifty for a member will be held for the member to be collected. When you have completed your membership with Number Fifty it is your responsibility to cancel /redirect your mail.



Workstation usage is calculated from Thursday to Saturday. Any days included in your membership that are not used in any week cannot be carried over to the following week for your monthly membership. If you have a regular routine, you can set a recurring booking for your chosen days, or you can select the days you need each week. We will endeavour to accommodate all requested dates but may not be able to guarantee a space for you, if you do not book your day in advance or arrive on a day that you haven’t booked.

Each booking is calculated as a full day, regardless of whether you choose to work for a short time, the whole day straight, or to pop in and out between meetings or appointments. Once you are booked and at your workstation, is is yours for the day and no-one else will sit there.

Member’s days / bookings will be allocated as per each Membership Agreement and Members will only receive additional charges if they exceed their allocated days, use the space after hours, exceed your print allocation. Additional costs may be charged to you for any damage of property that does not belong to you.



Monthly Membership fees are invoiced and direct debited from your nominated account on the 1st day of the month.

In the event that your Membership commences after the 1st day of the month, you will be issued with a pro-rata invoice for your first month and then all invoices thereafter will be issued on the 1st day of the month

Monthly membership fees will be charged at the beginning of each month and additional charges (such as extra days, additional printing etc) will be charged in arrears at the end of the month. 

In the event that a Member does not use their allocated hours, invoices will not be pro-rata or refunded for any unused portion of hours.

(This includes reasons such as attending a meeting, conference, training course that is conducted off site; being sick or ill; taking a day off; or taking holidays).

Membership and casual fees will be adjusted from time to time. We will provide 30 days notice for any cost changes to all members.



Payment methods available are direct debit from your nominated bank account or credit card (merchant fees apply). A Members’ preferred payment method will be required on application and be recorded on our system.

It is the responsibility of the Member (or Company of the Member) to ensure that your payment details are kept up to date and sufficient funds in your nominated account or credit card to enable the successful payment of the fees. If the transaction is rejected for any reason the Member (or Company of the Member) will be liable for any costs incurred by Number Fifty.

In the event of failing to pay Membership or other outstanding fees within 14 days of the due date or failure to comply with Number Fifty Policies and Procedures regarding payment of accounts, Membership could be suspended or cancelled, at the discretion of Number Fifty.


Members are required to advise Number Fifty within 48 hours of any changes to their personal details, address, phone number or billing details to ensure that contact details for all members are accurate.

In the event that you wish to change or cancel your current Membership, you must provide Number Fifty with 30 days’ written notice. In the event that a Member breaches any of the Terms and Conditions of this agreement, Membership may be suspended or cancelled.

Number Fifty will notify all Members and Non-Members if they are unable to continue providing the services or products.