I bought my own giant pink flamingo.

So, the first week of 2017 has almost passed. I don’t know about you…but the past few weeks I have felt like I have barely known what DAY it is, let alone the date.

That is probably because for the last few weeks I have taken a step away from client work (apart from a few special and time sensitive projects) and have been focussing IN HOUSE.

I think every business has felt like (or still does feel like) I did for most of last year…that I was spending all of my time and energy working so hard to simply SURVIVE, at any cost. I felt thoroughly like I 'bombed' into the deep end and was thrashing about waiting for someone to throw me a life jacket - or one of those giant pink flamingos. I was in FIGHT OR FLIGHT mode - just simply reacting. 

I cannot for a second complain about the chaos that was, I am so very grateful to each and every person that I worked with, that enquired and that reached out. It has been the most warm welcome to self employment I could have asked for. BUT, I want to be better for you all (and for myself).

So, what have I done now?? Well, I took advantage of the fact that half of Perth closes down and recharges over this period…and I GOT ORGANISED - or at least about 50% organised - which is really exciting for me! I took out my little purse and 'bought' my own giant pink flamingo.

We have created new structure, new packages, new plans and new ways of creating and educating and it seriously just makes me SO DAMN EXCITED. I can’t wait to show you all to be honest.

I’m not really a ‘New Years Resolution’ person, instead I like to take this time to reflect on what was, and start planning for what I want not just this year, but for longer.

I put up a post on Instagram (@rpdreamhunter) that says ‘If you know you can do better…then do better’ - that little quote is really my driving force from now on - a mantra if you like. I have thrown out last years 'fake it till you make it' and replaced it!!!

Instead of resolutions I have made INTENTIONS. 

They are pretty broad little items, but that is what works for me. I will keep adding to these throughout the coming weeks, but this is my starting place. I’m sharing it with you in the hopes that it encourages your to make your own intentions…and also to keep myself in check - we all need that!

Reading between the lines you will also be able to figure out some the exciting new things we have coming here at DREAMHUNTER.


Clean my desk
Start fresh every day
Post on social media (instagram and facebook) minimum of once per day
Provide VALUE to others


Learn something new
Keep on top of my book keeping
Write course content for DREAM-ED


Write 2 x blogs per month
Read one book
Send an email newsletter
Ask customers/friends and family for reviews and testimonials
Guest appearances on local blogs and mags
Attend one networking event per month
Host a free education event/webinar


Host one networking event at HQ
Host a competition
Create and launch a new workshop


Give out my business cards
Write a press release
Send in articles and information to larger business websites
Send personal thank you cards to customers
Launch DREAM-ED!
Become known as more of an educator in Small Business in AUSTRALIA

SO, I’ll leave it at that…even though I feel I could write another 4 pages haha!

I’ll save that for next time.

Let’s all have a very efficient, educational and exhilarating first month of 2017!

Focus on being better, in all aspects of business and personal life…lets all be Dreamhunters and go after what we want.

x RP